Understanding - The Key to Diversity and Inclusion

It has been widely documented by some of the greatest minds of our time we are born pure as an empty vessel of sorts (notwithstanding that in the womb we are also being shaped by the DNA, and attitudes of our parents). Then overtime the people we come to trust and see most often – generally our parents, consciously but mainly unconsciously fill up our mind up with “their” beliefs, thoughts, ideas and so on. For example, how our parents react or respond to spiders or snakes represents an inherent fear (if negative) which will be passed on to us during this empty vessel stage. During this young age we are in The “theta” state (brainwave activity) the most conducive state to learning (The sponge state “Natalie Ledwell”). It has been said by the age of three (T Harv Eker), 80% of our brain’s development has already occurred. 

Then at some point afterwards and toward our early teens we are also absorbing this information from the media, television and other people (friends at school for example). 

As so called Adults, we live mainly in the Beta Brainwave State (without meditation, brain entertainment or other consciousness work – taking us in to the alpha, theta and delta states).

The Beta wave state occurs when we are in full consciousness and are aware of our surroundings. From this state we experience the perception of space and time while in our normal waking state of mind. The beta state is identified by a brainwave cycles of between 12 – 27Hz per second. In cases where higher cycles are recorded, this may signify incidences of stress or anxiety. Generally speaking, higher Beta cycles are not good and may raise other medical concerns such as hypertension (high blood-pressure) and cortisol production. 

Unfortunately beta state is the least open to suggestion and new knowledge ie. what we already have in our brain becomes who we identify with ie. we believe this is who we are and can be difficult to change. 

So what does this mean for you and I? Well here is a theory… we are walking around as adults reacting to situations based upon the inserted, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes of other, often well meaning people – who happened to be around most or who we trusted most during our formative years. Remember we came in as an empty vessel in terms of our thoughts, habits, and beliefs; otherwise referred to as programming.

Think About that For A Minute… Our thoughts are not our own. Our thoughts were implanted as children, we then identified with these thoughts as our personality! This is who we are… and most of us live happily in this Beta brainwave state not realising we only think as far as our thoughts take us. For example if we grew up being taught that people of a different colour skin are either inferior or superior to ourselves, how would that play out? What if we were taught that people who speak a certain way are either more or less intelligent? Crazy right! Yet we do this all the time – mostly unconsciously without even giving it a second thought.

This is extremely powerful information capable of transforming the way you think about yourself and others (diversity and inclusion). I remember studying a protracted war at school whilst growing up. A war, if memory serves me correctly, which went on apparently for 100 years! One other kid in the class put up his hand and when given permission to speak said “Sir, 100 years war… It couldn’t have been the same people fighting?”. Herein lays the power of Understanding!

If we are able to stop and ask ourselves that very powerful three lettered word, “why?”, Why do I think this or that about another person of a different colour or accent, where does this generalisation come from? Only then do we begin to have the ability to break a pattern which isn’t serving us, or worse still can keep us separate from another human being! Just by understanding or exploring the possibility of asking ourselves why does this person upset me or unsettle me? Why am I offended by this person? I wonder what kind of upbringing or childhood they’ve had. If we are able to suspend our pre-determined opinions ask questions and listen empathy has an opportunity to show up!

That one hundred years war was perpetuated by generation teaching generation to hate the other race or the enemy – even though they were of the same country. The information bred into the beta state of those young innocents was that of bias. But if we can get this type of information out there imagine how powerful we could become due to understanding and empathy alone.

We are making decisions based upon our inserted traits or programming ie. Our Thoughts, Lead to Our Feelings, Create Our Actions which Create Our Habits which in turn Create Our Lives (results).

If you’re a parent (like myself) imagine if you kept this information in the background allowing it to diffuse steadily into how behave or treat our children – as they would pass it on to their children and so on.

Knowledge is Power…

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