Private Coaching Option – Turn Your Story Into A Book & A 6-Figure Income

Turn Your Story Into A Book – Private Coaching

This One-0n-0ne coaching course has been set up to deliver your book / manuscript after 3-6 months. 

Book coaching is a combination of support, conversation, and editorial feedback. A book coach will work with you over a period of weeks or months and help you with your writing project. Wherever you are in your book writing journey we will deliver to meet your goals.

We’ll start by reading what you’ve written so far and then schedule a conversation with you, either over Zoom. Together we’ll devise a plan that may include biweekly assignments, feedback, and discussions on craft and revision. And as your book coach, we’ll provide you with friendly encouragement and accountability so that you can finish your book on your schedule.

Should you wish to upgrade to the branding package and monetizing opportunities we will set up the discovery call with our Branding Partner


Actor Alex Dimitriades, Nada and Robert Ian Bonnick ( RiB ) Book Launch at SOUL SURVIVOR Pre-Book Launch event ReccoLab in Sydney


Turn Your Story Into A Book – Online Course


Turn Your Story Into A Book – Creating Impact & Income provides value and inspiration for those who want to take action! It has a uniquely engaging, fun and motivating approach compared to the usual “How To” guides on the market.


I wrote a 50,000 word manuscript in 10 weeks on my mobile phone for my, tipped to be a bestseller, third book SOUL SURVIVOR – How An Abandoned Child Went From Nothing To Everything published by New Holland Publishers.


PEOPLE INSPIRE PEOPLE through stories, but too often lack the framework to complete it before self-doubt, self-judgment show up! 


Turn Your Story Into A Book details;



* is extremely comprehensive using videos and written modules to guide you from the creation of your book to launch and feature articles.

* identifies and empowers you with the solutions to why so many people fail

* allows you to learn the same fundamental principles and techniques applicable to achieving breakthrough success in any area of your life.

* introduces a simple to follow framework including revolutionary processes such as the Emotional Writing & Ten Point Techniques

* You will pick up resourcefulness and new levels of productivity success and confidence along the way

* Finally the support is second to known in the unlikely case you find yourself stuck along the way


I’m confident this is one of the most comprehensive value packed online courses on the market for its price.


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Turn Your Story Into A Book