Finding Your Tribe, Creating Unity Community And Your Circle Of Influence

My Masterclass in early June 2020 called ‘Finding your tribe’ and Creating Unity Community & Your Circle Of lnfluence was in the backdrop of the #BlackLivesMatter turmoil created in the USA after the needless death of black man at the hands of the police.

Illuminate is An Empowering Online Community 90 Day Transformational Program 12 Masterclasses with Experts Live Coaching 

Illuminate is a community program and collaboration of health and wellness experts from around the globe at the top of their game coming together to inspire the masses and create waves of positive change in the world. It is the brainchild of Emile Steenveld and Heidi Shannon from Human Potential Unlimited. .

Heidi and Emile create a powerful duo as high performance coaches in the areas of Nutrition, Stress, Mental Health, Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Vision, Creating Your Best Life and Business.

Together they provide a 20+ history in the coaching game at a senior level coaching across 18 areas of life & bringing their A Team together on this project with their access to more than 50 wellness professionals to inspire the masses.

#illuminatewithus .

Join an online movement to raise your FREQUENCY and human potential with thousands of others and experts in every field of personal development, self empowerment, health and wellbeing joining forces to LIGHT UP humanity. This is an empowering community creating waves of positive change in the world one heart beat at at time. Become apart of something bigger than yourself. Lose the fear.