SOUL SURVIVOR - Book Description

Robert Ian Bonnick grew up in a children’s home, yet, when so many of his fellow orphans ended up in jail or dead, he overcame his difficult start in life to achieve success in sport, modelling, hospitality and a motivational speaker. While there were failures along the way, he learnt quickly how to prosper and realised there were five keys that, when applied correctly and consistently, allowed him to unlock great success and happiness.

Robert outlines his humble beginnings and how he applied the five keys in his own life, with colourful examples to illustrate each and show that it’s not where you come from but where you are going that matters.

This inspirational book provides key to unlocking your own potential using self-reflection, self empowerment, dream activation and tips for overcoming adversity.

Soul Survivor

Published by New Holland Publishers

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if you have ever struggled to accept yourself because of your past or ever wondered how to turn your life around, Rob delivers five steps that anyone can make no matter where they come from or their circumstances. In the end it’s not about what you do… but who you are and become in the process.

Can’t wait for my upcoming co-authored book with the 1Habit series…

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