Who’s Behind Robert Ian Bonnick & Associates?

His first book explains one of the major reasons why the consultancy exists and what drives it, Unity In Diversity*

Through growing up in a highly multicultural children’s home in London – he learnt how to work together with vastly different ideologies and religions. This prepared him well for Indonesia a nation of 500 cultures and 200 languages.

Having an open and genuine mindset is incredibly important for success in Indonesia.

During his years in the children’s homes, whilst some of his fellow orphans ended up in jail or dead, he found a way to overcome his difficult start in life to achieve breakout success in sport, modelling, hospitality project (voted number 3 in the world) as motivational speaker, coach and Advisor.

While there were failures along the way, he learnt quickly how to unlock success and happiness.

This book outlines his humble beginnings to working with some of the most renown celebrities in the world which also illustrates it’s not where you come from but where you are going that matters and how to bring people together in the process.

*is also the motto of Indonesia, where Robert and his family reside

Soul Survivor

Published by New Holland Publishers

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