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The Tourism Architect

I have a strong background in hospitality, event production/promotion, pr and venture building – one was voted top #3 in the world.

This has inspired working with global celebrities, government and business leaders alike to becoming an international inspirational speaker, author, advisor (and Independent Director).

Four years ago in Indonesia I founded what became a no.1 award winning live weekly talk show (video podcast) called SpeakuP Monday – Destination Indonesia focusing on Entrepreneurs, Social Impact. It’s now surpassed 300 episodes and hundreds of thousands of views.

I believe that we can bring together the people of Indonesia and foreigners alike to create and support projects that inspire, respect the environment, customs, culture and religion within a sustainably profitable model. Therefore we showcase, safeguard and serve the best interests of Bali and Indonesia at-large in the process.

Which is why I created The Tourism Architect – an Advisory & Venture Builder leveraging an extensive network across multiple industries comprising key relationships, experience and working knowledge in Bali and Indonesia-at-Large.

We provide invaluable solutions to significant businesses, tourism and projects either in or moving to Bali/Indonesia working closely with key private and public sector stakeholders .

The current sectors in which we are having a significant impact include (in alphabetical order):



đź“ŤCommercial Real Estate

đź“ŤHealth Tourism

đź“ŤHigh Echelon Digital Nomads


đź“ŤInternational Marketplace


đź“ŤMusic & Entertainment

đź“ŤSolar Tech

đź“ŤStartup Ecosystem


đź“ŤThe Silicon Bali Project

We are extremely well placed to find successful outcomes for our clients.

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