Growth Strategist & Gateway To Indonesia 🇮🇩

An accomplished international speaker, author, and advisor with a rich 20 year successful entrepreneurial history in the hospitality, entertainment and tourism sectors from Europe to Asia. With a portfolio working with leading global brands, government departments and celebrities such as Levi Strauss, Hilton Hotels, INXS, MTV and The Australian Tourism Commission and co-founding a hospitality initiative ranked top 3 in the world, he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

In Indonesia:
He founded the #1 award-winning weekly talkshow, SpeakuP Monday – Destination Indonesia, focusing on entrepreneurship and social impact; 416+ shows, over 1 million online views. thousands of in-person audience members featuring key leaders, stakeholders and pioneers from 10 diverse industries cultivating a potent and expanding high level network in the process.

To meet the needs of this growing network and international clients, he founded RiB & Associates, an agile consultancy serving as a Growth Strategist In and A Gateway to Indonesia for foreign and domestic companies alike. They specialize in innovative strategies for growth, connecting-the-dots through their extensive network, and long-term project building.

Recent Recognition & Awards.
*Recognized by the FORBES Business Council.
*Invited to become an FI Mentor for the prestigious global accelerator, Founder Institute.
*Awarded #1 Bali Change-maker (within their category).
*Recognition from leading stakeholders within The Tech, *Hospitality and Medical Tourism Sectors
*Recognized by a prominent Balinese Royal Family for their contribution over the past 5 years
*Recognized for their contribution to the oldest private University in Bali by The Republic of Indonesia Senator, Sri Giusti Arya Wedakarna
*Founder of one of the most successful Food & Wine festival launches in Bali

Expertise & Solutions.
RiB & Associates harnesses market intelligence, regional and global trends to create profitable partnerships and enterprises through: Innovative strategies for growth and brand positioning, Connecting-the-dots between private enterprise, foreign investment, the public sector and Long-term project building

Sectors Served.
Emerging Technologies & Education, Real Estate & Hospitality, Medical, Health & Wellness Tourism.

Some Past & Present Clients