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The Tourism Architect

I believe that we can bring together the people of Indonesia and foreigners alike to create and support projects that inspire humanity, respect the environment, customs, culture and religion within a sustainably profitable model. Therefore we showcase, safeguard and serve the best interests of Bali and Indonesia as a whole in the process.

Which is why I created The Tourism Architect – an Advisory leveraging an extensive network across multiple industries comprising key relationships, experience and working knowledge in Bali and Indonesia-at-Large.

We achieve this outcome by curating business solutions for tourism boards, significant businesses and projects either in or moving to Bali working closely with key stakeholders, royal families, government and initiatives.

The current sectors in which we are having a significant impact include (in alphabetical order):

šŸ“Commercial Real Estate
šŸ“Health Tourism
šŸ“International Marketplace
šŸ“Music & Entertainment
šŸ“Solar Tech
šŸ“Startup Ecosystem

We are extremely well placed to find successful outcomes for our clients including the creation of cross-industry strategic partnerships to facilitate this.

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Brief Back Story

Robert Ian Bonnick is an english-born superconnector of Jamaican Maroon ancestry.

From growing up in two highly multicultural children’s homes in London for eighteen years to elite sport, co-driver of a hospitality venture voted top #3 in the world, to working with global celebrities and business leaders, to becoming an international advisor, author, event producer of over 2,000+ events (attracting 2 Million+ people).

He is an inspirational speaker and founder of no.1 award winning live weekly talkshow (video podcast) “Destination Indonesia focusing on Entrepreneurs, Social Impact. It’s now approaching 300 episodes and hundreds of thousands of views.

During this time he has built and nurtured a potent socially responsible network of well placed individuals and companies around the world, including in Bali.

Along with his beloved Marina Agustina (Indonesian) and their two children, he has a deep belief in Unity in Diversity, Building Bridges To Connect People and Resources to Opportunity through Tourism, Business and Social Enterprise.

The Future Is BrighteršŸ’„

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